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Young Orchard Management Videos

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2015 Young Orchards Workshop Presentations

Weed Management in Young Orchards - Presentation by UC Weed Specialist Brad Hanson at the 2015 Young Orchards Workshop.

Irrigating Young Orchards - Presentation by UC Irrigation Advisor Allan Fulton on managing irrigation in young orchards to optimize growth at the 2015 Young Orchards Workshop.

Pruning & Training Young Walnuts - Presentation by UC Walnut Specialist Bruce Lampinen at the 2015 Young Orchards Workshop.

Fertilizing Young Walnuts - Presentation by Farm Advisor Katherine Jarvis-Shean on managing nitrogen and other nutrients in young walnut orchards.

Background Information

Walnut Production in Yolo-Solano by Wilbur Reil
A concise guide for Walnut farmers within Yolo and Solano Counties with information for local growing conditions. Written in 2001 but still largely applicable today.

Cost Study: Establishing a Walnut Orchard in the Sacramento Valley (2012)
Sample costs to establish a walnut orchard and produce walnuts under micro sprinkler irrigation in the Sacramento Valley.

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