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Fruit and Nuts

Planting, Pruning, Training

New Orchard Development - Presentation by Farm Advisor David Doll on how to evaluate an orchard site, prepare the soil and plant almond trees.

Rootstocks, Cultivars & Planting Density - Presentation by Farm Advisor Roger Duncan that reviews different rootstock and cultivar options, and results of planting density research. Key findings to note:

• Tree spacing for vigorous cultivars on vigorous rootstocks made no significant
difference in yield when totaled over 13 years (See slide 35).
• With smaller cultivars and less vigorous roostock, closer spacing has led to higher cumulative
yield to date (Slide 36). (Closer spacing is also likely beneficial on sub-optimal soil for
similar reasons)
• Wider spacing resulted in more shaker injury (Slide 38) and more mummies left
on the tree (Slide 41).

Pruning & Training Almond Trees - Presentation by Farm Advisor Roger Duncan on numerous trials that have found no yield benefit to pruning. Discussion of best practices if you do decide to prune.

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